Don’t forget commercials!

terms smallThe Quick guide to SIAM by Jan Vromant succeeds in highlighting the importance of the commercial component in a SIAM structure, giving it a separate box in his proposed framework.

Here are some additional considerations that have a big impact on how well SIAM can operate and ultimately deliver business value:

  • Contracts and agreements need to be carefully designed, reviewed       and managed to enable not only integration and interoperability between multiple suppliers, but the correct behaviour and attitude;
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) clauses require particular consideration as they may hinder the flow of essential information between the client, the SIAM function and the multiple suppliers;
  • Service definitions must be consistent across all contracts and agreements and be associated to an overall operating model that clearly articulates the role of SIAM and each supplier;
  • If the SIAM function is outsourced, its service provider is likely to require to be assigned as managing agent of the client.

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