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Searching for the right piece

right piece“Assemblying the Jigsaw” is the name of a whitepaper published by ISG in 2013 about the need and the role of Service Integration and Management (SIAM) in multisourced IT environments. The article, which is still available here, provides good guidance regarding success factors and implementation challenges. My experience has also shown that finding the right SIAM model is also essential and tuning it may take a few iterations. There are several alternative SIAM models (internal x external, independent service provider x lead service provider, etc.) and the speed of implementation needs to match the level of maturity of the organisation and the time required to manage the organisational change.


An Introduction to Service Integration & Management (SIAM) Matters

Service Integration & Management (SIAM) is all about delivering business value in an environment where vital IT services are going to be or have already been outsourced to multiple external service delivery organisations.

From a process and tools perspective, SIAM includes the deployment of ITSM and service management in a multi-sourcing – and, usually, global – environment, where relationships are driven by formal contracts and service delivery organisations are competitors in the market.

My intention with this blog is to share my knowledge, experience and thoughts with other IT professionals and consultants that, just like me, would benefit from a discussion forum around this theme.